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Embreville, the only commune in France with this name, is somewhat “unclassifiable.”

Vimeu red? Vimeu green? Forest of Eu, Bresle Valley, and a view of the sea? Everyone can choose to say what they like when a newcomer asks where Embreville is located.

This village is situated in the arrondissement of Abbeville, in the canton of Gamaches, between the municipalities of Dargnies, Beauchamps, and Buigny-lès-Gamaches.

Its altitude varies between 65 and 108 meters, and its area is 5.33 km2.

Its inhabitants are called “embrevilloises” and “embrevillois,” numbering 581 in the latest census.

The best way to get there is on foot, via the “Cavée” from Dargnies or the old path that connected the Lieu-Dieu Abbey to its farm in Embreville. From Gamaches, you can also take the road to “Ste Marguerite,” which leads directly to Embreville. The best time would be early June to do your “shopping” for asparagus, strawberries, various vegetables, honey, and flowers from local producers.

Today, Embreville is working to preserve its specificities: its industry, agriculture, market gardening, shops, school, and a dynamic community life.


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