Rouen Tourist Guide

Let Yourself Be Charmed by Rouen

Rouen, a Norman treasure filled with history and emotions, awaits you for an unforgettable getaway. Nestled in the heart of the Seine Valley, this medieval city will captivate you with its rich architectural heritage, cobblestone streets, and exquisite cuisine.

Stroll along the banks of the Seine, explore the winding streets of the old town, discover the majesty of Notre-Dame Cathedral, and delve into the mysteries of the Gros-Horloge. Museums, art galleries, and colorful markets will reveal an authentic aspect of Norman culture. Whether you’re a history, art, or food enthusiast, Rouen promises an immersive and unforgettable experience.

The Fascinating Tale of Rouen

Rouen, an iconic city whose history has shaped the destiny of Normandy and France. Since ancient times, this port city has been the stage for great events, epic battles, and key moments in national history.

Famous for witnessing the martyrdom of Joan of Arc on the Place du Vieux-Marché in 1431, Rouen was once a significant medieval and commercial center. Its cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, inspired Monet, while the cobbled streets transport you back to the atmosphere of a glorious past.

Once a royal and industrial city, it has transformed into a dynamic metropolis while preserving its historical heritage. The history of Rouen is a captivating epic that invites you to dive into the vibrant pages of Norman history.

A Feast to Discover in Rouen

Rouen’s cuisine is an invitation to a feast rich in flavors and traditions. The city, the birthplace of Norman cuisine, offers a variety of delectable dishes, featuring high-quality regional products.

Start with a succulent Norman sole or a dish of duck à la Rouennaise, an essential local specialty. For cheese lovers, Neufchâtel and Livarot are not to be missed.

Finish your meal with a Norman apple tart, topped with fresh cream, or regional shortbread cookies. Accompany these delights with a glass of local cider or calvados for an unforgettable culinary experience in Rouen.

Guide Touristique de Rouen

A City in Motion

Rouen is a city that never lacks captivating activities for its visitors. From historical heritage to contemporary art, there is always something to see and do.

Explore the city’s medieval treasures by walking through picturesque streets and visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Don’t miss renowned museums such as the Rouen Fine Arts Museum, which houses a vast collection of artworks.

For shopping enthusiasts, elegant boutiques and lively markets offer a unique experience.

And Rouen’s nightlife is equally vibrant, with bars, restaurants, and clubs for every taste. Enjoy this ever-thriving city!

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