Le Tréport Tourist Guide

Le Tréport : The Radiance of the Alabaster Coast

Le Tréport, the pearl of the Alabaster Coast, captivates with its unique character and enchanting setting. Nestled between cliffs and sea, it offers an authentic getaway.Immerse yourself in the maritime history of the fishing port, discover the majesty of the cliffs by taking the funicular, and treat yourself to a seafood feast.Between tranquil beaches and picturesque streets, this coastal destination is sure to delight you. Make the most of the sea breeze and the experiences that await you in Le Tréport!

Gleaming Maritime Past

Le Tréport, a picturesque fishing port, is steeped in rich maritime history. In the heart of the Bay of Somme, this charming port was a key hub for cod fishing in the 19th century. Intrepid sailors roamed the oceans to bring back salty treasures.

Today, Le Tréport is a paradise for seafood lovers, with its lively fish market. The cobbled streets reveal the authentic soul of this coastal resort. Enjoy this seaside stopover and let yourself be enchanted by the maritime history of this gem on the Alabaster Coast.

Marine Flavors of Le Tréport

The cuisine of Le Tréport is a celebration of marine flavors. In the picturesque restaurants of this port town, seafood dishes reign supreme. Enjoy mussels in fresh cream, freshly caught oysters, and the famous “poisson Dieppois.”

Indulge in the “Marmite Dieppoise,” a local specialty. This stew of fish, shellfish, and seafood simmers in a white wine and cream sauce. Don’t forget to savor the delights of French pastries, such as chocolate éclairs, which perfectly complement your culinary adventure in this charming maritime town.

Guide Touristique de Le Tréport

Le Tréport : Unmissable Explorations

Le Tréport offers a variety of attractions to discover. Begin with the funicular, which connects the upper town to the lower town, offering a panoramic view of the sea. Stroll along the pebble beach, where the ebb and flow of the tides shape a unique landscape.

Don’t miss the visit to the Quartier des Cordiers, nestled at the foot of the cliffs, where fishing families once made their homes. The Saint-Jacques Abbey, the Sailors’ Chapel, and the harbor are historical treasures to explore. Seize the opportunity to taste local specialties, including the “Marmite Dieppoise” and delicious chocolate éclairs.

Events in Le Tréport