Charity Event: Flea Market Exhibition of the École du Chat Libre in Cayeux-sur-Mer

The flea market-exhibition organized by the Free Cat School in Cayeux-sur-Mer is an unmissable event for lovers of hidden treasures and love for animals. This is a unique opportunity to discover unique objects while contributing to a noble cause. In this article, we dive into the details of this flea market and the free cat school.

Presentation of the flea market-exhibition

The flea market is a charity event aimed at raising funds to support the Free Cat School. It offers a variety of second-hand items and antiques for sale, attracting visitors eager to unearth unique treasures.

The Free Cat School: Who are they?

The Free Cat School is an organization dedicated to the welfare of stray cats. They work to protect them, care for them and find them loving homes. Every euro collected during the flea market contributes to this noble cause.

The impact of the flea market

The flea market has a significant impact on the community. It helps raise people’s awareness of the problems of stray cats and the need to help them. In addition, it encourages the recycling and reuse of objects, thus promoting a sustainable approach.

Event dates and location

The flea market-exhibition will be held from October 23 to 26, rue Docteur Bourjot, in Cayeux-sur-Mer. These dates offer an ideal opportunity for antiquing enthusiasts to discover unique treasures.

Activities and attractions

In addition to the treasure hunt, the event offers various attractions such as artistic demonstrations, tastings of local specialties and creative workshops.

Make a difference: Support the cause

Participating in the flea market is a concrete way to support the cause of stray cats. Every purchase helps provide shelter, food and care for felines in need.

The benefits of participating

In addition to supporting a noble cause, the flea market exhibition offers the opportunity to discover unique pieces and meet flea market enthusiasts. It is an enriching experience in many ways.

Enjoy Cayeux-sur-Mer

By participating in this event, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore Cayeux-sur-Mer, a charming coastal town offering picturesque landscapes and a relaxing ambiance.


Visitors to previous editions testify to their satisfaction and happiness at having contributed to this cause by finding unique treasures.

Benefits for felines

The funds raised during this flea market will be dedicated to the sterilization, medical care and placement of stray cats in loving homes.

Future commitment

The Free Cat School plans to host more similar events in the future, hoping to raise awareness and save more feline lives.

Community reacts to flea market

The flea market is generating growing enthusiasm within the community, showing the importance of such events in raising awareness of animal causes.


The flea market-exhibition organized by the Free Cat School in Cayeux-sur-Mer is a unique opportunity to combine passion for second-hand treasures and love for animals. By participating, you make a tangible difference in the lives of stray cats while enjoying unique discoveries.


Q1. How can I register for the flea market?

A: To register, go to the official event website and follow the registration steps.

Q2. Where exactly is rue Docteur Bourjot in Cayeux-sur-Mer?

A: Rue Docteur Bourjot is located in Cayeux-sur-Mer, a commune in the Somme department in France.

Q3. Are animals allowed at the flea market?

A: Yes, pets are generally allowed, but it’s always good to check specific details on the official event website.

Q4. Do the funds raised go directly to stray cats?

A: Yes, funds raised during the flea market are dedicated to supporting the care and well-being of stray cats.

Q5. Is there parking available near the event?

A: Yes, parking is usually available near the event. It is recommended to check parking options in advance.